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Hi! I’m Jamie Gilliam! 

I am a board certified holistic health practitioner specializing in thyroid health, hormone health, chronic illness, weight loss and general wellness. I am a thyroid and cervical cancer survivor, and I have diagnosed hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's and lupus. I also am a woman in menopause. So many women and men struggle to feel good, look good and live an amazing life because of conditions that are undiagnosed and/or improperly treated by conventional medicine. My mission is to help you feel your best, look your best and live your best with healing from the inside out.

Feeling your best starts from the inside. I help you take action to identify the root cause of your health and wellness struggles, remove any hormonal imbalances, treat any autoimmune or thyroid issues properly and get you on the road to living the life of your dreams. 

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My Story


I have spent my entire adult life (22 years) in the fitness industry. I knew what to do according to exercise science and dietetics to manage my weight. All of that went out the window once I lost my thyroid due to cancer.  I was slowly gaining weight despite being in the gym 6 days a week and eating clean. I was so tired, bloated, losing hair. I lost my sex drive and was extremely irritable. My short-term memory was so horrible, to the point that my family was beginning to worry something was seriously wrong.


Well, there was something seriously wrong! My thyroid hormones were not optimal (even though I was on medication and my doctor told me I was fine). My other hormones were trashed and my vitamin and mineral levels were also a mess. My cholesterol was high and my A1C was showing I was pre-diabetic (even though I am fit with an ideal body weight). Yet, my doctor kept telling me that I was fine.


I already knew quite a bit about managing hypothyroidism and balancing hormones prior to losing my thyroid and embarking on this hormonal rollercoaster. However, I was not prepared for doctors just ignore my symptoms, labs and requests for better care. That is when I decided to go back to school and study integrative medicine. I knew I needed to help myself and help others struggling with hormonal issues. When I ordered my own lab tests to evaluate what has going on inside of my body, I was shocked but relieved because I finally had some answers! 


My conventional medicine doctors were unaware that I was struggling with Hashimoto's (Hashimoto's is present in 25% of people who do not have thyroids). They were unaware that I was extremely under-medicated for hypothyroidism (this is because of incomplete lab testing and improper interpretation of thyroid labs). They were unaware that I had insulin resistance, severe adrenal and sex hormone imbalances and high LDL cholesterol all due to being under-medicated for hypothyroidism. They were unaware that I had low ferritin, low vitamin D, low B12 and low magnesium. They were unaware that I have one of the MTHFR gene mutations. Needless to say, I was a hot mess! I can't express the emotional battle I experienced being in a body that did not feel or look like mine. 


About 4 months after I had a thyroidectomy, I was diagnosed with stage IBII cervical cancer. Instead of the recommended hysterectomy and radiation, I chose to focus on my thyroid, hormone and immune health for 6 months prior to any medical procedure. I healed my cervical cancer holistically by balancing my hormones, vitamin and mineral levels, treating my immune health, parasite cleansing (fenbenzadole) and focusing on nutrition and exercise. Trauma healing has also been a huge part of my healing journey.

I was able to get my thyroid hormones, other hormones, vitamin levels, mineral levels, inflammation and my cholesterol under control, my immune function at an optimal level and my A1C back in normal range in 6 months! My hormones were balanced within the first 6-8 weeks of following my protocol. It took some effort and focus, but nothing extreme. Not only was I able to cure my cancer and get rid of all of my hormonal symptoms, but I feel better than I did in my 20's and 30's!


2 years after my cervical cancer diagnosis, I was diagnosed with lupus. I believe my thyroidectomy triggered lupus. I had ongoing symptoms post thyroidectomy, but did not get the proper testing from conventional medicine doctors. I was diagnosed after an ongoing total body rash and a butterfly rash on my face would not go away. Currently, I do not suffer from symptoms of lupus or Hashimoto's, other than the occasional flare up. Usually, I can connect a flare up to stress, a virus, something I ate or over-exercising. 

I want you to know that you can create a body that thrives...a body that feels amazing, looks amazing and lives an amazing life. Yes, you can. 

I know what it’s like to wake up so frustrated because you are so tired, can’t lose weight, can’t seem to think straight and no one seems to understand or care. 

I understand and I care….

I promise you, you have the power to heal your body. 

If you would like to book a consult, click the link below. Consults are $25. 

I was feeling fabulous until a thyroidectomy triggered hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's. It also caused all of my hormones to go haywire. 

I was a mess…

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